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Your products protect crops from pests and disease, optimize growth for maximum productivity, and preserve nature’s bounty and beauty. Either directly or by ripple effect, the development and use of agrochemicals impacts every living creature on our planet. It is important, if expensive, work. Given the $286M average price tag of testing these products for efficacy and safety, it is important to get your products to market quickly. Our world’s food supply, and your bottom line, depend on it.


Being first to market can increase your revenue and deliver a return on the substantial investment in accelerating development, but this demands smooth sailing through the registration process. Even a small bump in the road can derail your program, causing you to miss milestones, fail to meet registration deadlines, and perhaps even lose an entire season of revenue. The ever-changing regulatory landscape only adds to the complexity of the tasks that lie ahead.


Offering a unique combination of scientific capabilities and deep regulatory knowledge across global markets, Charles River can help you grow with expertly designed and executed programs for your agrochemical development and registration.

Article 43 e-Guide

Your resource for plant protection product renewals

Article 43 e-guide

REACH e-Guide

Our REACH e-guide helps you understand requirements, avoid common pitfalls and develop
an effective strategy to register your chemicals.

REACH e-Guide

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Supporting your agrochemical registrations

Dynamic Regulatory Knowledge

Our seasoned experts will help you stay one step ahead of the constantly changing regulatory landscape, and dedicate the appropriate resources to ensure compliance. We’ll help you plan studies that not only meet regulatory submission guidelines for the initial target market, but include future-proof data that can be used for submissions in multiple markets create more value for your investment.


Holistic Study Design

Our multidisciplinary toxicologists,  environmental scientists and analytical specialists extend your
in-house R&D team with in-depth knowledge of regulatory studies and the know-how to adapt standard designs to meet your specific challenges. An integrated approach ensures each study element achieves its purpose of answering every potential question in the final report.

Deep Scientific Network

You name it, we can do it. From efficacy studies to e-fate, we have the capability and the capacity to execute your studies in a timely fashion. Constant communication and seamless transfer of study data between disciplines and program stages improves data integrity, creates efficiencies, and minimizes risk.


Custom Service

We work within your budget to maximize the outcome for every tactic to eliminate overspending and delays. From the outset of the relationship, we provide a single point of contact who will oversee all aspects of your program and establish regular communications for the optimum use of your time.

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Renewals e-guide

Renewals e-Guide

Your resource for active substance renewals

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Biocides e-guide

Biocides e-Guide

Our Biocides e-guide helps you understand requirements for your biocidal product registration.